5165.Solving_Fill_Utility_Errors_6.png-550x0A computer user may run across PC error codes for a variety of reasons. While these PC error codes may mean little to the average user, it is possible to gain a basic knowledge of the types of errors possible on the computer in order to facilitate responding in the appropriate manner.

Types of Error Codes

Error codes tend to fall into a few basic categories. While many will still have to be addressed by a professional, knowing the severity of the code is helpful in determining what to do with it.

1. Program Errors: The easiest of all error codes to decipher, program errors usually refer to the specific program being run at the time.
2. Hardware Errors: These fall high on the priority list. However, they do not make themselves completely obvious. If some type of hardware failure is suspected, do whatever possible to backup the files on the computer, and take it in to a professional.
3. File Errors: These usually refer to system files, which are a part of the complex area of the computer known as the registry. Often these will have endings such as EXE or DLL.


glarysoft-registry-repair-4-1-0-388Many computer users are not aware of it, but most of the time resolving computer health problems simply means cleaning the registry. But the registry is often the most neglected area of the computer when it comes to maintenance and resolution of computer issues. You may ask is there such a thing as a free registry repair that actually works?

The answer can be both a yes and a no. There are several free registry repair software programs that you can easily download from the internet, but not all of these software programs can resolve issues in your registry. There are programs that will just scan your registry for errors, identifies them, fix some of them, but ask you to upgrade to the full version to resolve all errors. What if you don’t have the budget for the upgrade?

There are also some decent free registry repair software programs that can deliver the goods. http://repairregistryerrors.wordpress.com/ can detect your registry errors and fix them accordingly.

But mostly, these programs are not as exhaustive and comprehensive in detecting your registry errors and therefore may not be able to resolve errors that tend to recreate themselves. You must also be wary of freeware registry repair that may appear to be effective in resolving your pc registry issues at first glance only to find out in the long run that they come with spyware that will cause more harm to your computer than what these software programs originally intend to resolve.

Choosing a registry cleaner is therefore crucial in resolving your pc health issues. When you think that there are just too many issues that need to be resolved, a free registry repair may not deliver what you expect. Besides, although these freeware can resolve your issues, they may not come with a technical support that is also crucial to ensure the stability and high performance of your computer. What this means is that if anything goes wrong in the course of running the program, you may not be able to enjoy the support of an expert on how to fix the problem.

A good registry repair software program in the full version comes with a technical support that will guide you through, step by step, in case anything unfavorable happens with the use of the registry repair software. Remember that we do not know what’s going to happen; even perfect software programs can deliver things we do not expect. It is better that a program comes with a guarantee so you will have your option and peace of mind that you are getting the most from the program.

To really solve all your computer health problems, you need to clean your registry. Ensure that even those hard-to-find errors and spyware that may be embedded in your registry are removed. Although free registry repair may help you resolve most errors, you can benefit more from a proven registry cleaner that is extensive and comprehensive in finding the errors and fixing them effectively. Start your search now.

windows-8-blue-screen-errorThere would have been no need to take care of pc problems if our computer can stay new and untouched forever. However, we use them all the time and cannot be sure when it can be full of errors. We then are devoted to spend a lot of time and money getting avoid of or fixing all the problems. Things will be ok if all the pc troubles can be solved easily after that, however, life is never simple. Sometimes, these troubles come up again and again until one day we are tired. Actually, that is because we have neither realized the exact causes nor found suitable solving methods. Here I will explain two common PC problems and give you some suggestions about fixing them.

The Blue Screen of Death also called BSOD is an error that appears on Windows. The older systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 were more common for the problem, but the error is still being found in Windows XP and newer systems.

—-The solution

The Blue Screen of Death is most common caused by the corrupt or bloated Windows registry which is a database that stores configuration settings for all hardware, selected system options, memory setup and software installed on your computer. Finding and fixing registry errors is the best way to get the blue screen of death fix. You can run an ( Online free scan ) first to see how many errors in your registry and it is your turn to choose a good registry cleaner.

Screen Freezing

Many pc uses are suffered this common problem that you see an immobilized screen. I have found that the most common cause of a screen freeze is because your computer has used up its entire RAM, thus it no longer has any memory to function on anymore, and so it freezes up.

——The solution

When you are faced such a trouble, 90% of time, just waiting for is what you can do. Wait several minutes and maybe you can find it unfreezes again. If not, you could use the keys “ctrl? Alt, Del” at the same time to get the Windows Task Manager frame. Choose the applications which are not responsive by highlighting them and click “End Task”.Chances are that most of the time the non-responsive programs would close and everything will work fine after that. If you are often met with the freezing problem or slow speed, you should be careful that this is the computer’s way to show your registry need be cleaned up. In order to save your time, you can try this cleaner